Monday, November 9, 2009

Night Of Dinner

Assalamualaikum& salam Night Of Future!

Sesunguhnya salam itu indah, tenang n bahagia. Agaknye semua dah buat persediaan untuk NOF.insyaallah.

With a theme of A STEP TOWARD PROFESIONALISM, assist as we’re a professional person, so do something professional.

You’re future docs, professor, lecturer, scientist, businessman/woman, officer, YB @ any other status with a nice impression for an ordinary person know.

Smart dressing

Good attitude




And so on..

For something or anything we do to be account for a good deed there’s two requirements:

1st, our intention for doing it, so put at the first line you do it for your God, Allah. (nawaitu)

2nd, make sure you doing it on right way (syariat)

The good deed is not a mix of something good n bad.
And God are seeing what we do.

May God bless us.